The Church Now Difference

All LED signs are not created equal. The most important part of the sign is the actual LED diode. If an internet LED company offers an extremely low price, they are quoting an inferior LED diode. Make sure you ask which diode they are using so you ensure you are getting the highest quality screen. The diodes we use are twice the cost of the industry standard diode, but our markup is much lower. We use the same diodes in all of our products from scoreboards to billboards so our cost is further reduced.

The second most important component is the IC. The IC determines the refresh rate and has an impact on the brightness of the LED screen. The IC, as well as the diode, can not be upgraded later, so you should get the best LED and IC.

Finally, the software makes a big difference. Our software is updated daily and supports SVG (scalable vector graphics), allowing for the highest quality content.

We can manufacture custom digital signs to fit your existing structure. Here is an example of a 96″ sign we designed to replace an older changeable copy sign.